Chilean Businessman Found Dead in Cuba

In Cuba the man on the street knows nothing, only the Chilean press informs us that a Chilean businessman allegedly being investigated for corruption in Cuba was found dead in his home in Havana, according to the daily paper, La Tercera, published Wednesday in Chile.

The body was discovered Tuesday in his apartment in the Cuban capital. The cause of his death was not immediately clear.

The executive was the director general of the food company Río Zaza, a joint venture between the Cuban government and the Chilean businessman Max Marambio, former bodyguard for the deposed president Salvador Allende.

According to L Tercera, Baudrand had been subjected to several interrogations by the Cuban authorities who were investigating cases of corruption in Rio Zasa and who had forbid him to leave the country.

“The death of Baudrand happened days after the Chilean Chancellor expressed concern to the Cuban government about his situation and asked for authorization to take him out of the country,” according to the Chilean paper.

The death of the Chilean manager of Rio Zaza was not mentioned in the official Cuban press.

The Chilean embassy in Cuba declined to comment on the incident.

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