Farinas Rejects Being Moved to Spain

The Cuban dissident Guillermo Farinas turned down the offer to be taken to Spain via medical transport and asked the Spanish government to make the same offer to the 26 political prisoners who are sick in the Island’s prisons, reported his spokesperson, Lisset Zamora, to the Diario de Cuba.

“He is not interested in abandoning Cuba, and much less to going into exile”, Zamora said from Santa Clara. “He turned down the offer and asked that they give the same opportunity to the 26 political prisoners who are sick in the prisons so that they can be treated in Spain.”

Not long before, the Spanish minister of the Exterior, Miguel Angel Moratinos, had announced Farina’s rejection of the offer.

According to the Spanish news agency Espanola EFE, Moratinos declared at a press conference that Spain’s main priority was to prevent Farinas death, and he added that there is a diplomatic effort with the Cuban authorities to have the dissident cease his hunger strike.

The offer was communicated over the weekend by the political consultant of the Spanish Embassy in Havana, Carlos Perez-Desoy, to Farina’s mother, Alicia Hernandez, who is with the psychologist and independent newspaper reporter in the Arnaldo Milian Castro hospital, in Santa Clara, where he has been admitted since the 11th when he suffered a second collapse.

The first information was that Farinas, 48 years old, had accepted the Spanish offer, with the condition that he would be allowed to return to the island.

In agreement with Zamora, Farinas found himself on Monday “stable within his grave situation”, in the few hours afterward his health would deteriorate dangerously due to a severe staph infection, that he contracted from the catheter through which he was being fed.

“The fever has gone down and his blood pressure is stable”, said the spokeswoman, and she explained that Farinas was receiving intravenous antibiotics and other medications.

Farinas began his hunger strike the February 24, after the death of the political prisoner Orlando Zapata in Havana, at the end of an 86 day hunger strike. He asks General Raul Castro, as ” a humanitarian gesture” the release of the sick dissidents.


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