Discharged Patients in Guantanamo after the Recent Earthquake: Cuba

(Guantánamo) Cuba

About 80 patients from Guantanamo who suffered injuries or required hospitalization after the earthquake that struck the area last Saturday returned home, health authorities reported today in Cuba.

Among those who were discharged was Johnny Rodriguez Alfonso, the child from Caimanera who suffered a broken collarbone and other more minor injuries resulting from the collapse of a wall by the quake that measured 5.5 on the Richter scale, the strongest on record in Guantanamo province.

Reynaldo Delgado Ravelo, Director of the Pedro Agustín Pérez Pediatric Hospital in this city, where the child was treated, told the press that they had discharged the eight children treated at that institution for minor orthopedic injuries.

Roberto Nicot Vidal, director of the Dr. Agostinho Neto General Teaching Hospital, explained that “after the quake, the medical center received 69 patients, most for minor injuries requiring orthopedic care.”

However, he listed among the injuries fractures of the humerus, elbow, ankles, radius, ulna and heel, many resulting from acts of desperation, so he recommended that in this type of emergency people remain calm and under control, to prevent unnecessary accidents or injury.

Nicot Vidal identified among the ailments treated by medical personnel of the institution angina caused by stress, hypertension, and others.

During the earthquake and the ensuing hours, most of those admitted to “Agostinho Neto” were taken to a field hospital, but the caregivers remained with the patients in the neonatal, intensive care, cardiology and surgical rooms.

The earthquake, whose epicenter was 12 miles southwest of the Baconao resort in Santiago de Cuba, occurred at 2:08 p.m. last Saturday afternoon and was followed by several aftershocks.

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