Mass for the Soul of Orlando Zapata is Celebrated in Havana

Source: Katia Sonia Martin Veliz

On March 3rd, at 9:30 in the morning, a mass was held in the Parish of San Jose in the city of Havana, in the El Cerro neighborhood.  This mass was convened by the members of the Marisol Torano Independent Library.

Brother Lazaro de la Fe, the Superior General of Carmelite Fathers in Cuba, presided over the mass, while praying for the soul of Orlando Zapata Tamayo, the prisoner of conscience who died on February 23, after spending 86 days on hunger strike in order to demand better treatment in the jails.

During the Eucharist, the mass implored for the intervention of Saint Joseph in the health of the political prisoner on parole for health reasons, Guillermo Fariñas Hernandez, who is currently on his 9th day of his hunger strike with the purpose of demanding the Cuban government release all those political prisoners who are sick.  In the middle of the religious ceremony we learned, through an SMS by Yoani Sanchez, that Fariñas was taken to the provincial hospital, Arnaldo Milian Castro, of Villa Clara after having lost consciousness.

The notice reached the mass through the help of executives of the group Independent and Democratic Cuba from the 10th of October municipality in San Miguel del Padron in Central Havana and also through Eugenio Leal, the author of the blog known as Veritas.

The priest, a Cuban, affectionately welcomed everyone present at the exit of the temple.

Link is at Veritas:


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