Bureaucracy Delays Cuban Musician, Gorki Aguila’s, Trip to Havana.

Source: MEXICO- News Agency (AP).

A bureaucratic process impeded the Cuban singer, Gorki Aguila, from traveling to his native Cuba on Wednesday, his representative informed from Mexico.

“He was not able to board the plane to Cuba due to the fact that he still had to extend his passport, that in reality is currently functioning and in use,”, Laura Garcia told AP through an e-mail.

“The lack of such a payment, which would allow the passport’s extension, was not communicated to Gorki.  We suppose that this is most likely part of a negligence, perhaps planned, to make it difficult for the press to meet him at the airport in Havana,” she added.

The vocalist of the group Porno Para Ricardo, who distinguishes himself with songs in which he makes fun of the ex-president Fidel Castro and his brother Raul, said, on the eve of his planned departure, that he was fearful about his return to Cuba and that it was probable that they wouldn’t allow him into the country or that they would even arrest him.

The 41-year-old singer is now waiting to go to Cuba on Thursday morning through a flight from Mexico City that is scheduled to arrive to the island by midday.

On the 29th of August 2008, Aguila was sentenced to pay a fine of 600 Cuban pesos (27 dollars).  He was being accused of “social dangerousness” but, during the trial, a judge decided to alter the charge to another one of “public disorder,” related to the noise and annoyance that his band’s music was supposedly giving the neighbors.

Previously, he had served 2 years in prison and another 2 under “conditional liberty” for a charge related to drugs.

His arrival to Cuba this week coincides with the commotion caused by the recent death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo, due to complications stemming from his hunger strike which he initiated in December to protest the jailing he had been submitted to since 2003.  Four other Cubans are on hunger strike.

Translated by Raul G.


One Response to “Bureaucracy Delays Cuban Musician, Gorki Aguila’s, Trip to Havana.”

  1. Fuera Fidel y hampones que lo apoyan !!! Ese viejo ya esta robando oxigeno !!!!!!!!!! fuera !! el arpia….VIva la cuba libre !!!!!!!

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