We, the bloggers in Cuba, carry out the tasks of giants with the purpose of, through hard work, demonstrating the reality of these islanders to the world, taking into account that we live in THE ISLAND OF THE DISCONNECTED.  In order to send out our work, we have to pay 8.00 CUC an hour for connection to the Internet in a hotel, which is equivalent to 192.00 Cuban pesos, out of 250.00 which is the basic salary of a worker, and we also run the risk, once we’re connected, of having our blog spied on.

If you wish to help a Cuban blogger don’t think twice about it, DO IT!

Here’s How:

– If you come to visit Cuba, give a blogger an internet card.

– If, in your home, you have more than one computer, bring it and donate it.

– An external hard drive.

– A digital camera.

– A dvd/CD burner.

– Flash memory

– Rechargeable batteries and/or a charger, don’t hesitate.

– If you have a cell phone that you are not using…

– Recharge the cell from the website and that way we could maintain a Twitter account.

Even what may seem most insignificant could serve to facilitate the man or woman who writes a new history about the reality facing Cubans — when one lives without access to the net it could end up being the solution and the most effective way to realize the work and goals of these social communicators.

On my part, I exhort and greatly appreciate the simple act of even bothering to read these blogs, showing SOLIDARITY WITH A CUBAN BLOGGER.


Translated by Raul G. and Gracie Christie, Miami, Fl. (In Solidarity)


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