Yoani Sánchez Accompanies the Ladies in White

Havana, Cuba, February 9, 2010 (Photo: www.cubanet.org)

This past Sunday, February 8, twenty-five Ladies in White made their usual Sunday march down Fifth Avenue in Miramar, this time with an unexpected addition:

Yoani Sánchez marched with them on their usual route, now expanded to Tenth Street.

Unlike previous marches, on this Sunday the Ladies uttered loud cries of “Freedom!” at the clock on Fifth and Tenth. This and other scenes were filmed, not only by Yoani, but also by the writer Orlando Luis Pardo.

According to their custom, after finishing the march the ladies gathered at Mahatma Gandhi Park, where they commented on events of interest to the community, particularly the precarious state of health of the political prisoner Orlando Zapata Tamayo.

One of the youngest, Yuniet Reyna, suffered a dizzy spell, so she was taken in a car rented by a foreign tourist to a medical center.

Not knowing the outcome of this episode, several ladies went to the Ana Betancourt Clinic, without finding the young woman there, watched over by some other Guard Brigade.

However, there was a comic moment when undercover agents who remained vigilant, hiding among the bushes while a few Ladies waited for a bus, rushed from their hiding places to reach the bus and get on it along with the Ladies and so continue their enforcement efforts.  The Ladies, shaking with laughter, began chanting the refrain of an old childhood game: “Leave the cave, galliiiiiiina (hen), and put an egg in the esquiiiiiiiiina (corner).”

Translated by: Tomás A.

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